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CR-V hybrid SR 2WD 2021 5th gen UK spec
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This topic was discussed previously and I believe the phenomenon was explained pretty succinctly by JeffJo

The CR-V hybrid - and in fact, all Honda iMMD hybrids dating back to August, 2014 (2015 Accord Plug-in Hybrid), use a wet multi-plate clutch pack to engage engine drive. Such clutch packs are known to rattle sometimes, especially in cold weather, when the input shaft is turning but the clutch is not engaged. It's called "intermediate plate rattle." There are no known issues related to this rattle, the manufacturers of them insist "the rattle is not detrimental to the operation of the clutch," and I know of no faults associated with them in the 6.5 year history of their use in Honda hybrids.

I tried to link the actual thread but failed dismally. Sorry.
I’m glad someone else has asked this question because my 2021 hybrid makes this noise (U.K. purchase, nearly new from main dealer, Japan built). I’ve been wondering whether I should contact the dealer. I have about two years of manufacturers warranty remaining. I am aware it has been discussed before on this forum with reference to horrendous, very high repair costs. I’ve not pinned down the cold weather connection having owned the car in august, September and October of this year. I certainly heard it in August when the weather was warm. The obvious question to ask is why are there there so few mentions of it on the internet? If it was a fundamental design or manufacturing fault, problems would be common and much discussed online. Why does MY car have this problem and not tens of thousands of others!
1 - 1 of 18 Posts