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I inherited a 2000 CR-V after my dad passed away a few years ago. He'd bought of of the bottle style after market hydraulic jack for it. Unfortunately, I just found out today that it doesn't lift the car far enough off the ground to put the spare on.

I wasn't going to the dealership and paying a big chunk of what the car's probably worth for a replacement, so I thought I'd call some of the local salvage yards, but also wanted to see just how much lift height I needed if I end up going to Walmart or a local parts place.
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I use the" Big Red 3 Ton SUV Jack "I got on sale from Pep Boys for $45 last year for both cars and Suvs. So far no problems with it!
You can find these as eBay pretty easy. The OE Jack is brass colored, and looks like a sissor jack with a really tall flange at the top where the jack meets the car.
Harbor Freight sells a scissor type jack...which is what you want, if you want it to fit the stowage area.
I'm going to suggest you look in salvage yard for a jack and tools from a more current CRV/Pilot and Odyssey.
Just make sure the jack you get is tall enough to lift your car. Most Jack's, including those for an Odyssey, will be designed for cars that are closer to the ground and don't have to be lifted as high.
Yeah, they're common as dirt in salvage yards--get one from the same model and generation, and don't mess around with substitutes.

That reminds me that my daughter's Accord didn't come with a jack or the tools, so I'm having to scrounge for one myself. (Luckily when I "rescued" her down in the bowels of Detroit, I thought to take my own jack and tools to get the wheels off.)
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