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Jokes to bring a smile

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I think this Forum needs a Joke section.

I'll start:

Brian lives in California. He was sick of the world, of Covid-19, Inflation, Russian belligerence, China, global warming, racial tensions, high crime, school shootings, and the rest of the disturbing stories that occupy media headlines.

Brian drove his car into his garage and then sealed every doorway and window as best he could. He got back into his car and wound down all the windows, selected his favorite radio station, started the car and revved it to a slow idle.

Two days later, a worried neighbor peered through his garage window and saw him in the car. She notified the emergency services and they broke in, pulling Brian from the car.

A little sip of water and, surprisingly, he was in perfect condition, but his Tesla had a dead battery.​
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I don’t know, I think maybe the joke may be on all of you. The 4 BMWs and 2 Audis I owned were all reliable and had reasonable operating costs…..and they all were more fun and engaging to drive than a CRV!

The CRV definitely has its own strengths, and serves a different purpose (utility) but I don’t think continually bashing vehicles in a different market segment serves any real purpose…..
must be lucky previous BMW main dealer was absolutely obscene In terms of parts and labour Even for simply joa like brake fluid.
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