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Just bought 05 EX w/ 5MT!

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Hello forum. I traded my Honda Fit in on a new Mercedes about two years ago and have missed the cheap service and reliability of Honda. I was hunting for a manual HR-V but couldn’t find one in the Denver area. I came across a one owner 2005 CR-V with a 5spd manual and service records since day 1. I think it was a steal for $4500.

Excited to make this my mountain/road trip/camping vehicle and to learn more about it from you guys


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First, welcome and congrats on the purchase! Wow a manual, its hard to find one here in Oklahoma and for $4500??!! Now thats a steal, how many miles on it?
Welcome! You, sir, are a lucky dog! I searched high and low for one of these for over six months before I gave up and got my '07. The only thing I found was a black (not a good idea here in the Texas heat) '06, for the same price you paid, but it had over 150k on it and was pretty beat up. That is a very nice looking ride! How many miles on it? 4WD? Aargh!
Manual Transmissions RULE! :banana:

Welcome. :Group:
Lucky man, MT versions are hard to come by

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That thing looks great! Welcome to the forum. :wave:
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