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Just got mugged :x

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Last Monday i was robbed outside of my house, they took the 4 wheels and tires, what can I tell you its an awful feeling besides having no ride to go to work, no extra money, man its one of those weeks, anyway what goes around comes around, i looked in local forums and found a good deal on an set of wheels 18" Honda originals from an accord, i figured since the wheels are 18" just as my old CRVsi just got them origial tire size was 235/60R18 the tired i got are 235/40R18 here are some pics in tire size calculator im attaching the screenshot.on how this size affects speedomenter readings i want to know how can i reverse this while i got this tires and how does this affects my performance and gas mileage.thanks

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Will def throw off the speedo for sure and ride 100x harsher
Sucks it happened.

in the would cut u a huge check because of the inflated tire rim and lugnut cost plus mounting and balancing

THEN go buy a set of takeoffs with tores for 500/600$ from a crv and walk away with $1500!

if you were in NJ i’d have sold you my si rims with oem crv tires for dirt. Just upgraded to accord touring wheels

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Give a copy of the police report to your insurance......they should cut you a check. I bet those short tires add some zip.;)
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