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just purchased my first used 2007 honda cr-v ex. awd a few days ago. The car has about 183,000 miles on it. It was purchased from a used car lot. They got it from a dealer auction. It is driving well but I know I need to get it checked out and it should have some maintenance but don't know what I should have done. carfax showed last recorded maintenance inspection and tune-up (?) was 10/2018. Looking back I don't see any recent fluid changes, belt changes, valve adjustments
mentioned specifically in the report. Your guidance would be greatly appreciated!!!!
Automatic or manual ? 2wd or 4wd.
If Auto---make sure atf is clean and up to the full mark.
If 4WD, I would recommend a drain and fill of the rear diffy with DP2 fluid.
Check when brake fluid and coolant were last changed, regardless if manual or 2wd.
Use high quality spec'd oil and change at least according to the Maint Sched or Minder.
Probably needs new wiper blades. :mad::D
Enjoy your CRV!!
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