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Welcome to the forum! I would look at the Carfax report, which will show the date and mileage at which that last maintenance was performed. You should then be able to calculate what to do next and when using your owner's manual. This manual will also explain the maintenance minder feature the car has, and how it works. The manual also contains charts and instructions on all maintenance items. If you don't have one, or want to download one as a pdf to put on your computer, here is the link to that:

The page shows two downloads - one for the cars with Navigation, and one for the ones without. I have the paper original in the glove box, but I keep this pdf on my desktop for convenience, it's handy. My Carfax shows pretty good detail, so I was easily able to answer most questions I had in this regard.

If in doubt. go ahead and do an oil change. Otherwise, in the absence of other information from the Carfax, keep track of what you do and build from there based on the book's recommendations and any maintenance minder items that show up on your dash. Mine hasn't peeped once yet. I sat down with a legal pad and made a list of these things and intervals for each, and added anything I found history on - date and mileage, and went from there. I also had my trusted mechanic put the car up on a lift and check it over for any issues. I don't like surprises! I got my '07 last year with 92k on it, and have so far had no problems. I also highly recommend getting a factory service manual, as mine easily paid for itself quickly. I got it in pdf form on a CD from eBay, and here's a link to it:

Good luck with you new ride. We'd love to see some pictures! And keep us posted on how it's going, as well as your driving impressions and how you like it so far.
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