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2020 CR-V Hybrid Touring | Modern Steel Metallic | Black Leather
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Congrats! I too put a deposit down an a Touring CR-V Hybrid. They did not have the entire VIN available when I put my deposit down as it was Saturday and the individual who was in charge of building vehicles into the dealership system was gone. They had the last six and that is all. I ended up not getting mine from that dealer, went back to another dealer that had mistreated us the first time we visited them. They were willing to give us a MUCH better deal in exchange for me taking down my negative review. Saved us several thousand dollars and we didn't have to deal with the person who treated us poorly. It was a hectic process, but I'm happy to have it a little sooner. Really enjoy the new CR-V Hybrid!
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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