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Whether you use your Honda CR-V for work, hauling kids around you know how easy your factory seats get grundy. If you want to spruce up your vehicle's interior and hide those plain, stained seats from the others, installing a set of custom seat covers will help you out. Today we'd like to introduce you a whole new type of custom seat covers, made by Rixxu. They suit any budget, aesthetic needs and provide a good level of protection.

Constructed from long-wearing polyester with a rugged PVC edging, and the breathable fabric, these seat covers are designed for your comfort at the first place. They are easy to install thanks to the sturdy zippers with elastic straps and quick-connect buckles. Available in 4 main styles with various colors, patterns and configurations you're sure to find the one that goes perfectly with your cabin.

Multiple color options are available!

Rixxu™ | Emoji Pillows, Pet Collars, Tire & Gas Grill Covers —

Classic Series Seat Covers

Designer Series Seat Covers

Slimline Series Seat Covers

Taffeta Series Seat Covers

Make your Honda CR-V a better place to be in with a set of Rixxu Custom Seat Covers!​
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