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Hello everyone, hoping someone can help.

I have installed a Pioneer Headunit in my 2008 CR-V EX (Uk spec) and I want to able to continue using the OEM Reverse Camera, rather than run a new aftermarket camera to it.

The Pioneer (AVH-Z2100BT) comes with an RCA input for reverse camera, but the OEM camera is obviously not RCA.
It also comes with an unconnected purple/white cable called Reverse Camera Input

I've carried out a fair bit of digging around on here and on the internet, so I know about the OEM green 7-pin connector with controls the camera on the Honda Navi unit, but I cannot work out what cables should be used to connect to the Pioneer.

I have seen a solution which involves purchasing an aftermarket camera kit and cutting an end off the 10m RCA cable and using it to connect to the green connector? Would this be the ideal solution?

Has anyone successfully completed this install, either with or without a cut-off RCA cable.

Any assistance or advise would be much appreciated....thankyou!


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