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In Bardstown, Love my 2018 CRV -EX, but having problems with android auto lately,
When pressing the microphone on steering wheel you see 4 dancing dots in a row on built-in car display, but no beep and android auto will not acknowledge my voice and android auto does nothing further. You must press microphone again to return to map screen, or android auto will lock up. Google assistant will not respond to any other queries. You can manually enter address and that will work. Pressing microphone on car display doesn’t work either. No voice command will work for music, text, or navigation on android auto . Honda voice commands work OK.
Before april, everything worked well with android auto. Is this a known problem? Is anyone else having this problem.?

Love my CRV so much, can't hardly stay home. A Big Hello to everyone
1 - 4 of 4 Posts