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I am new to the club and recently got myself a 2001 CRV SE. The car is great except for one issue I discoverd. If I turn the key to the on position and leave it there without starting the engine (Like when I need to roll down a window) I will get a check engine light with the code P1359. P1359 is for a Crankshaft or Camshaft Position Sensor unplugged. If I clear the code the CEL will remain off and will only return if I leave the key in the on position without starting. I have tried replacing the Crankshaft position sensor but the problem has not gone away. I am not sure if the car even has a Camshaft Position Sensor. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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I have only owned the car for about 2 weeks and I an not sure of the cars past mechanical history. I did not use a OEM crank sensor, However it seemed to make no diffearance as the symptoms have not changed. The engine runs perfectly unless the P1359 code is present. If I run the car with the P1359 i get a reduction in gas milage but performance seem normal. I just seem odd that I will only get the P1359 code if I leave the ignition in the on position without starting the car for 10 or more seconds. If I start the car right away the CEL light will never stay on and the car runs and drives 100% normal.
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