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Hi there!

I had my Garmin dash cam professionally installed last week. An error for my keyless start system popped up, but I thought it would go away after driving a few miles, but it never did. I took my 2022 CRV hybrid into a Honda dealership where they stated "Scanned codes found code B12D2 in the system for IGN 2 issue. If the dash camera is wired into the incorrect circuit this will cause the light . Recommend removing the dash camera to correct the problem."

I called the place that installed the camera and they were baffled, stating they installed it based on the recommendations specific to the car. They said connecting it directly to the battery could solve the issue.

A. Has anyone had this happen before?
B. How did you solve the problem?
C. I'm apprehensive now about getting it reinstalled in general, let alone on the battery. Can it cause any damage to the battery to have it set up this way?


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Hi and welcome.

This is why I never hardwire dashcams. Modern cars have complex electrical systems that should simply never be tampered with.

Best advice is to go back to whoever installed your dashcam, remove the hardwiring entirely (and rely on the cigar plug instead!), disconnect the car battery for an hour. Then, reconnect the battery - you may still have erros showing on the dash, but if you drive for 15-20 mins continuously, that should clear them.

If after that theres no change, then go back to your dealer.

If you go to your dealer with the dashcam still hardwired, that may invalidate your warranty.
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