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knock sensor (2002)

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Hi all

just thought id post this as an advisory note to others.
Ive had the engine management light in the dash on for best part of six months, to start with it would come on occasionally and go off soon afterwards.
Then it started to stay on for longer periods. As the cars quite old (but still in great condition) i assumed it was just an o2 sensor playing up (every else seemed to be of the same opinion). eventually it stayed on all the it was due for its MOT i had to get it looked at as its a failure at an MOT.
anyway, it turned out to be the knock sensor, had it replaced (£350) the car now drives like new!! well chuffed.
so if your cars getting old or just lacking a bit in performance it may well be worth getting the knock sensor checked out.
my car had been feeling flat on performance for a long time before any warning light came on.its now smother and quieter as well as quicker. takes less throttle to get to any speed and in return should be more economical.
hopes this post helps a few other out.
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thats fittings well. i think it must have been gold plated!!!
honda dealers here are £100 a time just to drive the car into the workshop.
it was £130 just for the diagnostics the the part and then the fitting.
had it MOT and services and the same time.
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