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Leak at Coolant Temp Sensor on Radiator

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Hi, I traced a coolant leak on my 2012 CR-V (EX-L AWD) to the coolant temp sensor located on the lower left side of the radiator. I have pulled apart all the hoses and the front bumper to remove the radiator and take a better look. The plastic housing around the sensor looks fine and so does the sensor. The O-ring looks fine too (visually). All I could see was that the sensor seems to have been over-tightened by some technician at some point because a little bit of the plastic around the sensor bolt was chipped in.
I did a vacuum leak test of just the radiator (see picture below) and the system lost pressure within 30-60 seconds.. I can only guess that it's leaking out of the coolant temp sensor bolt.
Could any of you advise on what should be my next course of action - should I just replace the O-ring or should I get a new sensor or should I replace the entire radiator?
Thanks to everyone in advance. -Rick.
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have heard A/C compressors go bad on this gen of CR-V's and send metal fragments all through the cooling lines,
You seem to be thinking of the Gen2. Your car might be subject to a worn compressor clutch.

For the radiator: Can't you borrow a pressure tester from an auto parts store? You can in the USA.
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