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Dear Honda,

I own TWO Hondas, a 2006 Accord VP and a 2011 CRV 4WD LX 5AT, bought new. The gold fabric interior of my reasonably used 66K+mile 2006 Accord still looks brand new, having no wear marks, rips, tears, fraying, fading, sags, etc. It's been a really great car! However, my barely used 2011 CRV with 23K miles looks like it's been rode hard. The fabric on the back of the driver's seat has gone threadbare, especially along the back thin to the point of splitting apart up at shoulder level. The fabric is so worn...even on the passenger side...that the design has worn off most of it. addition to that, in the 2011 CRV, the rubber door molding that seals the cabin along the inner door frame is CRUMBLING apart from about 1.5" above the latch and up further a good 10". It is so flimsy it's worthless.

Of all the cars I've previously owned (Fords, Chryslers, Pontiacs, Chevys, and Lincolns)...most kept nearly 10 yrs and driven over 120,000 miles each during my working years... I have NEVER had ANY of the seats fall apart nor any of the door molding come loose or fall apart on ANY of my former cars.

Don't you think you've gone a bit too far on the CHEAP yet? HOW LOW CAN YOU GO?

Because my 2011 CRV has passed the AGE aspect of the warranty period, the cost of repairs/replacement for the cheap junk with which you built this vehicle is now on my shoulders to pay. I thoroughly resent that and guarantee I will NOT replace them with the same cheapy Honda OEM parts.

Hondas are no longer the quality cars they once were. They're junk cars. I will buy elsewhere in the future.
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