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I returned from deployment a while ago and spent some money and time on my V. I have a 2001 EX and here's what I've done recently:

Iron Man lift springs with Tokico struts
215/70R15 tires
Replaced trailing arm bushing and a couple motor mounts
Flushed/refilled ALL fluids
Cleaned injectors
Cleaned IAC valve
Replaced PCV valve
Installed short RAM intake
Replaced stock muffler with knock-off muffler
Cleaned throttle body, intake, and air filter
Replaced fuel filter
Adjusted valve lash
New plugs and wires

Next up:
Re-check valve lash, just to be sure
Clean MAF
New distributor cap and rotor

Before doing all the maintenance but after the RAM/muffler, the car idled rough and towards the end, died at idle, especially when pointed uphill. MPG was around 17; 19 on some days

I didn't notice any power or MPG difference with the short RAM and muffler (I got them at the same time, before all the maintenance) They make a great sound but I might go back to the stock set up
Didn't notice too much difference with the injector cleaning
After adjusting the valves, I now have a slight ticking sound coming from engine

The lift looks great and with the trailing arm bushings and motor mounts, rides great, too. I had the tires put on before the lift (old tires were poo-poo, couldn't wait). When these wear out, I'll go slightly bigger; just enough to fill the wells but not look ridiculous or weigh the car down. I'm thinking something like 225/75
After replacing all the fluids, replacing the PCV and fuel filter, and cleaning the IAC, I noticed a slight power boost and MPG increased to 22/23 consistently
After adjusting the valves and replacing the plugs, I noticed a substantial power boost, a smoother idle, and an all-around more pleasant driving experience. I did notice a slight ticking sound immediately afterwards but I'm overall impressed the improvement. I'll re-check the valves tomorrow. This was my first time doing it so I'll dig back in and make sure everything is consistent before I do any more major work. While I was in there I noticed the timing might be a little off, so as soon as I can borrow a light gun, I'll check that. I haven't checked the MPG again but I assume I'll get another couple MPG increase.

I did a compression test tonight and here are the results:

189 179 175 179
200 196 192 196

Any questions or suggestions, feel free to reply. Thanks.
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