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I have underway a project to make some modifications to a 2000 CR-V. The first step in the plan is to lift the suspension by 30mm (this will soon be done) and then get new 215/75/15 wheels on. I have decided to go for BFG all terrain T/A and the mentioned size should be no problem (even in OEM fit from what I've read).

But what I am wondering about now is whether the 30mm lift is enough to open a possibility to play around with the rim offset? The stock offset for this model year is apparently positive 50mm. I have found some charts indicating positive 40mm is viable but if the suspension is lifted is it possible to go to zero offset or even negative?

There seem to be a lot of pics of lifted 1gen CR-V:s in google search with negative offset rims and they look great, but does it actually work in use without bodywork? How much can it be modified with 215/75/15 wheels and about 30mm lift in suspension? If anyone has experience to share about this that would be much appreciated!
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