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Light - overhead cabin backseat | 2018 CRV LX

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Is there any hack to help me get light in the backseat when I’m in the front? I simply cannot reach the overhead light from the front at all.
I could do this with ease in my accord and the only reason this really affects me is that I have an almost 1 year old, rear-facing and when I drive at night I have no way to check on her when I’m driving. I know there are lighted mirrors for babies but I would sort of like to just use my existing cabin light!

maybe like adding a switch to the dash? Could that even be possible?
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The switch for off / door / on doesn't do the trick?

Can’t reach it! The light is basically right over the center seat where the car seat is, so that’s the light I need to see the baby. But when I’m driving there is no conceivable way for me to reach back and turn it on. I literally have to be parked and get out of the seat to reach back and turn that back light on. Obviously can’t leave it on the entire drive. Just want to switch it from door to on as I need it at night.

I was just so used to my accord where I can reach it from sitting, while driving still facing forward.
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