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Liners for cup holders, change holders, door handles, etc.

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I got these thin rubber liners to protect the spots in my 2017 that are hard to clean like cup holders, change holder, and the door handle space. The liner can be pulled out easily to clean spills, crumbs, dog fur, what ever.

This site won't let me post an Amazon link so here is the exact Amazon item description: Custom Fit Cup, Door, Console Liner Accessories 2019 2018 2017 Honda CR-V CRV (Solid Black)

Something like 350 reviews and 5 stars. It'll get 5 stars from me too.
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My brother got the same ones for his Civic Sport Touring. He likes them too.

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Yes, to the link above I have those but in color black

I love them so much, worth the money :)
Yes, to the link above I have those but in color black
I believe is you search a bit, they have them w/blue trim also.... it was the 1st old link i found.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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