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First off I want to thank everyone on this forum for there valuable information they post on here. From what i've read in the hundreds of reviews the only problems i hear of is that a little bit lack of power. I've built race cars for le mans and gt class, have a couple old ase's (now i'm in the it field) and did a lot of side work through hs and college for beer money.

Back to the point:

Things that I have always done to improve the flow of an engine is the old I:H:E Intake header exhaust.

From looking for a couple of parts, and doing some research on here i've found a few options, as with the highway construction around Chicago I need as much getup as I can out of my commuter. ( Yield onramps to the highway :( )

So here is what I got:

OBX headers $200. Obx from my understanding is a low end exhaust company, but from what i've found in my little research it is the only one I can find. I'm guessing I could use some headers off a b16 or b18, but the bends could be different depending on the clearance in front and underneath the engine.

I might match this with an exhaust at some point, maybe a high flow cat at least.

Then there is a underdrive pulley kit $330 (little pricey)

I've been a fan of underdrive pulley kits since I installed one on my 88 supra turbo, and was able to get a lot better revs and mpgs after installing one that was 27 pds light then the factory with the rubber dampener.

Then I was looking into building or buying a civic cold air intake with a bypass to get some cold air in there. (not sure on matching models atm)

With these few things I think i would be able to get the most out of my engine without swapping heads, or forced induction.

Please let me know what you guys think can be left out or added.

Again thank you,

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