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I just reinstalled a timing chain cover on a 2004 CRV. In reading back through the manual, it mentions the chain case o-ring. However, I checked through the slew of o-rings that I received as part of the head gasket replacement kit, and I had no o-ring that matched the specific shape (https ://www .hondapartsoverstock. com/oem-parts/honda-o-ring-chain-case-91302pna004?c=bT0xJmw9MSZuPVJlY29tbWVuZGVkIFByb2R1Y3Rz (part #4 in illustration)(ps. you have to remove all of the spaces from the link between the address and the dotcom, https, etc.-- I can't paste a link till I have five posts).
My questions are as follows..
A: where exactly does the o-ring sit as it is floating in space in the diagram?
(I noticed the cover has a black-colored ear-shaped-circle that sort of matches up to an opening, but it seems odd that something would terminate at the cover and there was no groove for anything to sit)
and B: is it necessary to re-open the timing chain cover to install this part?

Thanks In Advance!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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