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Looking at CRV for next purchase

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Hi All I found this group trying to figure out how a yet to be purchased CRV would haul my kayaks around. Lots of useful posts!! See Ive been an Outback driver for quite a few years but Ive lost confidence, and this new H4?? well thats a different topic... so Im looking hard at the crvs 2016 and newer. And liking what Im seeing, and hearing from crv owners. Any tips and advice as I proceed would be much appreciated. Thanks all!
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I gather you may be looking for using a roof rack assembly for holding two kayaks, rather then towing them on a trailer, yes/no?
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Yes. I like my roof rack. They come on.all outbacks, but not so much CRVs.
Yeah.. the Roof rails only come standard on a Touring if I recall, but can be added to any trim level for the cost of parts and installation by a Honda Dealer. There are also some 3rd party choices other then Honda OEM, and do it yourself additions are not difficult if you are handy with installing accessories on a vehicle.

Then adding cross racks and attaching various mounts for cargo holders, bike racks, kayaks, skis, etc is pretty much like the stock Subaru offerings.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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