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Looking at CRV for next purchase

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Hi All I found this group trying to figure out how a yet to be purchased CRV would haul my kayaks around. Lots of useful posts!! See Ive been an Outback driver for quite a few years but Ive lost confidence, and this new H4?? well thats a different topic... so Im looking hard at the crvs 2016 and newer. And liking what Im seeing, and hearing from crv owners. Any tips and advice as I proceed would be much appreciated. Thanks all!
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I gather you may be looking for using a roof rack assembly for holding two kayaks, rather then towing them on a trailer, yes/no?
Yes. I like my roof rack. They come on.all outbacks, but not so much CRVs.
Ill look at the touring editions. Im leary of racks put on afterwards, having three seperate issues with these coming off (not me personally, but unnerving!). Thank you.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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