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I hate buying new and haven't for 25 years. But I'm finding the price for a 2-year old EX-L 2WD with low mileage isn't much less than buying new. They seem to hold value very well (or I'm just missing better deals).

So I sent out an email to five dealers within 150 miles of me asking for a Buyer's Order. I mentioned my time was limited so wasn't interested in coming in to negotiate. Only two sent me one and the others either didn't reply or said I could bring them my best offer and they'd match.

My best deal right now is OTD at $31,644.00. Our tax in Tennessee is brutal so here's the breakdown:

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He's come down another $100 since.

Back out the tax and registration fee and I'm looking at $29,377.17. That looks to be just under the Kelly Blue Book Fair Price of $29,407.00.

Has anyone purchased a '19 EX-L and can share whether or not this is a reasonable price? I'm just looking for a fair deal. Thanks.
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