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Looking for a header for K24a1

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I have a 03 Honda CRV EX K24a1 4x4.

I'm looking for a header that would fit my car. I recently bought my car knowing it had an exhaust leak but what I didn't know was that someone destroyed the clamping points for the gaskets. I need to replace the manifold, cat, and resonator because between those the clamps are broken. And for the cost of replacing them I figured I should just replace them with a stainless steel header, test pipe and resonator. I went to muffler man and they wanted $250 to just cut off the clamps and weld on new ones. One clamp uses 3 bolts and the other uses two spring bolts. I was able to get a full exhaust for my 99 civic ex off ebay for $100 so I'm looking for the same thing but all I can find are systems that are for engine swaps and the only full exhaust systems I can find for my CRV are $500. Anyone know where to look?

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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