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looking for a performance air intake

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i have a 2017 crv ex and i cant find anywhere that sells a performance air intake or cold air intake. has anyone had any luck?
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AEM makes 2015 and 2016 cold air intake, might wanna look out for them, or...

K&N offers a "high air-flow" reusable/washable OE replacement filter. I currently have one of these in my 2015, and previously in a 2012 Civic. Works great and saves loads of money on paper filters.
"performance filters" are a joke. They do nothing for performance but they let a ton of extra dirt and such into the engine. Seeing as an Air Filter is only changed every year or 2 it's not really any savings versus the cost of engine repairs later.

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You can utilize similar intakes for the 2017 Civic non si turbo models. They'll likely fit and engine is the same.

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