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I am going to get the Scosche BFHAK unit today. Should have it installed by sometime next week. Will give you updates on it.

Thing looks pretty pimp and runs through your buttons on your steering wheel. Cant believe no one else has one of these installed, as they are $200ish and they are the same as a factory unit...
Are you sure the BFHAK is going to work in the 2011 CRV? Scosche lists it only being compatible with up to 2009. in 2010 Honda changed the head unit design in the CRV. Before I order one I am waiting for a response from Scosche tech support.

I love the BFHAK in my 2011 Civic (been using it for a couple of weeks perfectly) and want to install another one in our CRV as well. Post back if you get it working!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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