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MacGuyver Set Up

Not that it's the most genius of ideas, but so far it's working. I just got a certified 08 and have used an aux cable plugged into the earphone jack on my blackberry and connected to the aux input on the stereo. When my phone rings, I just press the answer key and I hear through my speakers and answer through my speaker phone that is in the cup holder.

The other day my boyfriend remarked that he did not know I was doing that because he heard no difference. He also mentioned that the built-in Bluetooth clarity in his dad's Range Rover doesn't compare to my MacGuyver job.Like I said, it's not genius, but I have yet to find a built-in that sounds as clear as my rinky dink work. :D

I just bought a new 2011 CRV SE and was bummed that there was no voice activated BlueTooth front end for music and making/recieving phone calls. It has a multiple disk CD changer... but all I use is my iPhone.

Any suggestions on what to replace my factory unit with?:confused:
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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