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Looking for meatier tires to put on my '07

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Has anyone had experience running meatier tires on their stock 3rd gen? I'm looking into tires like Cooper Discoverers, Bridgestone k02, etc., and wondering how they fit without a lift. I would get the 225/65R17 size.

Thanks in advance
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Isn't that an original size for an '07? At least for an EX.

You could inquire of site sponsor @Discount Tire. They are always willing to help with these ?'s.

I had 235/65R17 for my 2008's snow tires and these looked exactly right.

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235/65R17s here also. They fit nicely, and they also correct the speedometer to the exact reading. (Honda's speedometers tend to read about 3% high, and I now find the speedometer is just about perfect.) I have detected a slight rub mark inside the wheelwell, so I would not go any larger unless I installed a lift kit.

Look into the Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015, as they get high ratings for having a nice and relatively quiet highway ride in addition to having meatier treads. If I decide to get a lift kit (vs. replacing my CR-V with a Pilot), I may upgrade to these tires from the all-season tires I'm running now.
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