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looking to purchase a 2002 w 169,000 miles

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Hello everyone , I am smitten with the super cool features on the CR v after driving an automatic transmission 2005 awd EX last week. I have been scouring the adds ever since looking for a manual transmission CRv. I found a 2002 today with a 5 speed manual transmission, which I prefer, and 169,000 miles on it .Normally I would not even think about buying a car with that many miles , but I have heard from many , many people how reliable and long lasting these cars are. I know a little about what to look for in a used car , but would like to know what you guys would look for and what maintenance procedures I need to see that have been done . I am looking at it tomorrow.. I was very happy to find your site while I was researching some of the CR V features.. Thanks and I hope I have my own super cool CR V soon. Oh yes and the seller is asking $3600.00.
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Hi there!

This 2002 CRV sounds like a great deal. Since you aren't getting replies here you could pose your post in Miscellaneous/ General CR-V Questions. There are many people here who will give you answers.

Before I bought my CRV I had my mechanic go over her. Good luck!
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