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Loud "thunk" under acceleration in all gears...

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okay, I picked up a awd 98 crv pretty cheap, engine runs great. Car is super clean. Once it is in drive, and you begin to accelerate, it makes a very loud, and physically noticeable noise, that's hand in hand with a jerk, or a thunk. Wondering what it could be....The guy I bought it from said it didn't do it until he drained and changed the trans fluid. This guy works on Hondas all the time. He did say that he may not have noticed it too. He bought it to flip, but just didn't feel like messing with it. And it sat in his yard for about 3 months or so. He is all about helping me fix it, we have been friends for years. I bought it, drove it home. About a 7 mile drive. Seemed quicker to do it when I was going up hill, but did do it about every 5 seconds or so. I'm wondering if this is the transmission? Or could it possibly be the drive axles?? It seems more apparent on the front drivers side. I'm just wondering If it is a easier fix, such as axles, and not the trans...any tips or advice would be great! thanks!!
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Could be motor mounts, upper/lower ball joints or control arm bushings, sway bar end links, or perished bushings in the rear suspension.

Get it up on a lift to investigate.

Not consistent with drive axles.
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