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Hi everyone. First post.

Proud owner of a new to me 2015 CR V SE. It has the 7” screen head unit without (I believe) factory navigation. When I bought it the buttons on the side were damaged and there was a black line through the screen that pushed the lower part of the display downwards and off screen. Part of the deal was that it was to be replaced. The screen worked correctly on occasion and I never saw the nav option.

Dealer replaced it Friday and now the sound level coming out of the speakers at max volume is around the level of a whisperer. BUT! I suddenly have navigation!. Dealer (not a Honda dealer) says they ordered the new factory head based on VIN. Went to a honda dealer and confirmed that there is a different amplifier between nav and non nav. Is it possible a new nav comparable amp will give me the correct sound levels and retain the nav, will more wiring be needed to get a nav amp to work or did I get a defective head unit?
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