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lower mileage or bells and whistles?

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My 2003 Crv was totaled recently. The dealer has 2 2016 models. One is a SE with just a little over 7,000 miles. The other is an EX with almost 34,000 miles. I am still mourning the loss of my dark red 2003, and will miss the higher profile. I had planned to "drive it until it was dead" but it had only 134,000 on it. Cause of death was running into a herd of black cattle. The owner was moving them across a state highway (in Montana) without a flagger. (thankfully the CRV kept the driver safe, no injuries) Insurance not settled yet. Thanks for any input!
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Only you can decide what is important as far as features (bells & whistles). Drive both offerings and see how you like 'em. Ask the salesman to show you how the whistles work, LOL.

As far as the two choices you mention, I'd go for the EX, 34K miles is nothing in the big scheme of car life, and as long as all the fluids were replaced on schedule it should be fine.

Both cars are due (soon) for brake fluid replacement, if the 34K one is AWD, the rear differential fluid is due. Cabin filters should be replaced, engine air filter should be checked.

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Depending upon the financial side of the equation either would provide some great transportation. I went with an EX-L when it was my decision as some of the features were wants (not really "needs") for my wife and I.

I doubt you can go wrong with either vehicle and even the EX with 34K miles is barely broken in for a Honda.
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