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Maintenance Intervals

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Just bought my first Honda. A 2019 CR-V LX with 2.4 engine. The owners manual is different than what I am used to. It doesn't say how often in miles the oil or filter should be changed. It refers just about everything to the "information display" on the dash. The specs page does give the oil capacity for just an oil change of 4.4 qts and 4.7 qts with a filter change. The "info display" is supposed to show a code A for oil change and code B for oil & filter. So, apparently Honda suggests just changing the oil under some unknown circumstance. What's that about? For what it's worth, I plan to change the oil & filter at 5,000 miles, because that seems to be the general opinion. But it doesn't say that anywhere in this manual.

Same issue for rotating the tires. Just says to do it when the display shows that code. Also doesn't say whether to rotate in X pattern or just front to back. The owner's guide is obviously written to keep owners in the dark and take their vehicle to Honda for all service.
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I had similar issue when bought our 2011. Difficult, but I've learned to trust the maintenance minder. Alternate filter change (every other OC) is based on science. Expensive full synthetic oil lasts roughly 6-8k in mine, spark plugs go 100k, first coolant change at 110k, etc.
Tire rotation code will come up every service interval. Many tires are uni-directional (believe there is an arrow on the tire) so just go front to back. Bi-directional tires can go across.
If you search long and hard, you should be able find the approximate mileages the thing uses, never did find mine.
I change oil in my 2.4 between 3 to 5K.
I know some oils and Honda say you can go more miles between
oil changes but it's MY engine and if it fails due to oil
that's on me. Use common sense for oil changes, not a dash readout.

Who is gonna rotate your tires?
You need to talk in person about that to the shop that does your work.
The manual you got with the CR-V is just a basic manual. You can ask the dealer to order you the full size owners manual for free. The owner is entitled to it for free but has to be ordered. I think you can also order it online too but not sure what the site is. It contains more details such as tire rotation pattern, and more in depth instructions.

Just remember you are entitled to 1 copy for free. Don’t let them charge you for it. You can also download it as a PDF from Honda’s website.

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Here is the Honda Canada site for manuals if you’re interested. There isn’t too much of a difference between Canada and US manuals other than metric vs imperial measurements.

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The USA place to order the full, 600+ page manual is the Honda OwnerLink

You can get it in paper format, or in a PDF that you can keep on your smartphone.


As for help in seeing when folks are doing maintenance on Generation 5 CR-Vs, look at the SIMILAR THREADS section at the bottom of each page.
The 15/16 had the same drivetrain. Shortest interval I've had 6500 (mostly town work) longest could have gone to over 9k thanks to almost all interstate driving. I bottled and did it "early" when the monitor got to 20%.
What was your last car?

Today this is How Honda does it. standard eng 2.4L you may get away with Up to 10K oil changes. or more like 7500 mi oil chamges. the car will determine how who drives it and when to change. you can accept it, or ignore it. if you get down to 15% you have time to change out

the system works on 90, 80, 70, 60, 50, 50, 30, 20, 15, 10, 5, due for change. you think each 10% is a 1000 mi, or 500 mi. no one knows.

your Schedule A will be NO filter change, OIL ONLY. then Schedule BE be OIL and FILTER. do what is best for you filters are a dime a dozen. the cars are not.
Thanks for the info about downloading the full 669 page manual! It's much more informative than the short version that comes with the CR-V.

I was thinking I might change the oil myself, but take it to the dealer when it needs both oil & filter. Hate the filter mess. It looks like I might be able to change the oil by itself without dropping the engine cover. It has a hole where the drain plug can be removed. I guess the question is whether the hole is big enough to avoid oil flowing out on top of that cover. That would be a mess!

Most of my driving is short trips, so I will what the maintenance minder says, but will plan on changing the oil around 5K miles.
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