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Hello all. My dealer has provided me with a replacement vehicle to drive while we all wait for the Takata airbag repair. I am aware that the problems have been primarily in the hot and humid southern US, but I'm driving around with my little boy in it and I'm not comfortable with the risk; we live in Montreal, a very humid and hot area in the summer.

I'm told by the dealership it could be this summer or even later before the car is repaired. The dealer has been great about giving me the replacement vehicle to drive with no hassles, but very evasive when I've tried to push them on how to maintain my CRV in the meantime while it's sitting there doing nothing. I can't drive it to keep it in good working order because a) Honda made me sign something saying I would not drive it at all, and b) because as I confirmed with my car insurance company a couple of days ago, I'm not covered as long as I have this replacement vehicle. So if something should happen while I'm driving my CRV I could be in big trouble. So obviously, I'm not going to be driving it at all.

My worry is that the CRV will deteriorate if it's just parked for months on end. I recently replaced the battery, tires, and brakes so I'm not relishing the idea of the new brakes rusting and the battery dying from under-use. Has anybody confronted Honda Canada about what they're going to do for people if down the road, once we are driving our own cars again, there are problems due to being parked for so long? Does anybody have any advice for how to keep the CRV in good working order while waiting for this repair? I don't know much about cars except that parking them long term is not good for them -- that cars are meant to be driven, not left.

I'd really appreciate hearing from others on this. Thanks!
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