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Hello. I have a 2000 Honda CR-V with 250k miles on it. Runs pretty good. Only noticeble problem is slow acceleration when leaving a stop sign or light. Just wondering what I should be looking at to keep this car running for as long as I have it. Any tips help. Thanks.

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Clean the throttle body periodically; do the Idle Learn Procedure; check your 20 year old vacuum lines for cracking or splits; but the big thing is:

Adjust Valve Lash every 30K miles.
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If you don't have maintenance records, change all the following as early as you can:
All fluids
Timing belt
Coolant pump
Timing belt tensioner
Alternator belt
A/C compressor belt
Power steering pump belt
Spark plugs
Spark plug wires
Distributor cap and rotor
Engine air filter
Cabin air filter
Fuel filter
Spare tire (the rubber can fail if it is too old)

Also, have the vehicle suspension, all CV shafts and boots, brakes, brake hoses and engine mounts thoroughly inspected, and replace anything that is starting to break. Problems in all of these areas will snowball.
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