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Make your Gen 3 CRV quieter with Auto Insulation / Sound Deadening (soundproofing)?

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Dear all,

I have a 2011 CRV SE (about 78K miles) which I would like to keep for a long time. Recently since I have to repair the front passenger side power window (it won't go down, possibly due to the electric switch control or the window regulator with motor), I'm thinking of having the body shop to install the Noico Black 80 Mil Car Sound Deadening (available on amazon) to make the car quieter.

Just wondering if anyone on this forum did this before? If I just install the auto insulation for the front driver and passenger side doors, would that really make a difference to make the car quieter inside, or do I have to install it on all four doors to really notice the differences? Any thoughts? Thanks!
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Definitely, what the others have said. You pretty much need to tear everything down to the metal. That means removing door panels, seats, carpet, even the headliner if you really want to be complete. It is no small task and it can get expensive (the quality stuff like Dynamat is not inexpensive), but it will definitely calm down some of the cabin noise. Some even line their hood and trunk (in cars) with Dynamat. You could get away with doing only the doors but I doubt you would hear much (if any) improvement. Don't try to use cheap sound insulation either--with this much work involved, you want to do it right the first time. :)

I am not sure if I want to do it, since I am going to be upgrading within a year or so (once winter passes). But it would still be interesting to compare my '09s, one before and one after adding the sound insulation. I have a sound level meter that reads in decibels that I could use for measurements.
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