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Here's a bit of a mystery:

My 2006 CR-V suddenly won't start, but instead of making any normal dead-battery noises (like a clicking starter), all the needles in the instrument cluster flutter very slightly, but violently - enough to make a lot of noise. Even after I pull the key out, there's one last loud fluttering that lasts a good second all by itself.

The battery is showing 12V - probably needs replaced (the car hasn't been driven much at all for 3 months - and only for very short trips - so it might just be undercharged). But here's where it gets weird: when I start it up with a jumper battery, it springs immediately to life, and draws absolutely no current from the jumper battery. I've jumped the car 3 times now with the same cheap little jumper battery, and the thing still reads 100%.

Couple other things that might be relevant for some expert brain to ponder:
1) the first time it failed to start was the day after I reset the oil-change reminder maintenance light
2) I have a VTEC sensor issue (code 2647 - valve stuck open/high voltage on sensor) that recently sprung up (although strangely enough: no check engine light. I just found it by chance because I decided to pull the codes just on a whim). Oil is full and clean; I replaced the VTEC gasket just to make sure the screen wasn't clogged - gonna replace the whole module soon.

Anybody have any experience with this sort of engine ghost? I have a video of the instrument-cluster phenomenon should anyone be interested to see it. Thanks!

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Are the battery terminals clean?

Try to twist the battery cable terminals without loosening them. If you can, then you need terminal shims (only a couple $$ from auto parts stores). If they are tight, look farther for loose./corroded connections between the battery & starter (and of course, grounds).

My theory is that when you clamp the jumper to the terminals, you are making enough of a connection that the regular battery can work the starter (and the other things like instruments).
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