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I've got a 1998 Honda Crv, 2 wd, with 155K on the clock. I've been chasing a rough idle issue for some time and have replaced the distributor cap, rotor, plugs and wires yet still experiencing the rough idle. I can feel a slight miss also at highway speed, though the mileage is generally 25 - 27 mpg.

I saved the original rotor I removed and took a pic of the new non-oem rotor I replaced it with, and just now noticed how different they are. The original rotor 'electrode' on the one I removed extends far beyond the non-oem replacement rotor I bought from Merle's which is nearly flush with the edge of the plastic mold. A picture of a Honda oem rotor for my car also shows the 'electrode' extending beyond the curve of the rotor body.

Here's the pictures of the rotors, hoping someone can confirm if I've installed the wrong rotor. If so I'll go to Tucson to the Honda dealer for the correct rotor. The first pic is the non-oem rotor currently installed, second pic is the original rotor that was installed, the last pic is of a Honda oem correct part number for my 1998 crv.

Thanks for the help!


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