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Thank you all - it's an independent local mechanic and already having a sleepless night about it. Going to try to push for a replacement as I go there again in about 6hrs. Never dealt with any such situation - is it just a straight up, "don't repair it need you to replace it?" How should I tackle if he says I'll repair it good, don't worry (been going to him for a couple years now)?
And when you are on a road trip 300 miles from your home will he send a tow truck or pay for a tow truck ? Pay for all repairs ? Pay for rental vehicle ? Pay for lodging is needed ? The best action here -- replace with new one. Now if he were willing to contract with you a lifetime warranty that covers towing, emergency repairs at a shop of your choice, pay rental vehicles, lodging, etc then go for it --- he won't do this but how else will you be covered ??
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