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Dear friends

I have a 2008 CRV. THe meter panel flickers every 20 secs. When the AC is on the AC relay inside the engine clicks with the same flicker. I diagnosed it with my own 2 sense.

The meter panel power goes off every time this happens. So it resets. THe power break imppacts the AC controls of on the dash. I realised this is the reason for the AC relay to get the same reset.

The diagnosis system gave no errors. The engine checklight is off. THe engine is running well. This is not the usual meter panel garbage issue that is coming on this model.

Now I have figured out that this is a power distribution problem to the meter panel and the AC control unit on the dash. It has to be a poweer control board sitting under the dashboard.

Can anyone help me to locate this if there is someone who knowledge of it.


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