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I am curious.. has anyone seen the low speed crash test that someone in Mexico decide to do with the current gen CRV?

9.5 MPH = airbag deployment and quite a bit of damage to the front end... The reason why I hate paper thin plastic bumpers, but for pedestrian safety it is much better to hit something soft and crumble then to hit something as hard as a log I suppose. At least the headlight assembly and the grill seemed to have survived :eek:

Looks expensive to repair, especially not just airbag and computer.. but the pretensioner system also.. With a new bumper bottom panel and hood..
Also wonder why the passenger side deployed with no passenger in it. The computer and equipment looked like it was sitting on the floor unless Honda also has a sensor on the floor to see if anyone is actually sitting in the seat?

As for being rear ended at 9.5 MPH it looks ok, not any worse than any other small speed collision, minor damage compared to the front.

Granted the US use to be 5 MPH for bumpers but dropped the standard to 2 1/2 MPH for bumper test because of trying to meet fuel economy standards and cost...
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