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hello michigan CRV'ers new to the site and to the crv scene. just got a 1997 crv not sure on to many specifics. has 282,xxx miles on her. runs great do have two issues though and not sure what i should do.
1 transmission seems like it needs a torque converter, it looks like it has clean fluid, on small inclines and any hill has a hard time moving, release throttle and hit throttle again it moves just fine. shift pretty good and doesnt hessitate going in gear?
2 drive shaft universal (front) is loose should i get a replacement shaft or try and find replacement universals some how?

is it worth fixing with this kinda miles or should i find another, it seems like its still a good vehicle body is really decent and everything seems to work, no check lights on. and i really rather like it, it seems universal for me.

located in the mid lower state
1 - 13 of 13 Posts