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Mk3 (2007) - UK Spec EX - What's amplified?

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Hi All,

My Dad's after changing the head unit in his 2007 UK-spec EX (i.e. factory-fitted sat nav), and I'm charged with figuring out what's what.

At the moment, my main concern is about what is and isn't amplified in the stock setup. I know his car has a factory fitted subwoofer which is likely to have its own amp, but I'm not sure whether the rest of the speakers are also amplified? From bits & bobs I've seen (mainly US-spec diagrams) it appears the connections for front & rear left & right speakers are in the same place on the plug whether there's an amplifier or not, and I don't want to push a 50W amplified output into a line-level amp connection.

I'm sort-of hoping that actually on a UK-spec EX, only the sub is active, and that it's hooked-up on one of the secondary connectors (perhaps B (22P)?); and therefore that the door speakers are connected directly to the head unit on the main connector (A), at 'speaker-level' (i.e. amplified by the head unit). Is that right or am I living in a dream world?

Many thanks in advance for any help you can offer...

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Hi, i have an 08 EX with a sub/amp setup too, i just plugged the Pioneer straight in to the grey connector and it worked surprisingly - i was originally told i needed a bypass just to get sound...i guess you dont.

And as the sound i great as it is i wont bother hooking up the sub/amp.

The only thing is ive lost functionality of the reverse camera and steering controls, which im struggling to find a fix for.

Hope that helps anyways [emoji41]

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