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Multiple Warning Lights

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Evening all,
To give some back story, I skidded in snow and my front passenger side tire into a curb pretty good, and for a fact busted my wheel bearing back in winter of 2020.

I got it replaced the next day, but then almost every day (especially during the winter) when I start my car, I would be met with 15+ warning lights ranging from TPMS sensor issue, uphill start etc. I can jot them all down and add them later.

So I took the car to a more reliable local shop who specializes in Hondas, and they couldn’t figure out what the issue is. So all they could do for me the couple times I brought it in was give the computer a reset for $50 a pop.

Like I said, the car is still having the same issue to this day. On most days during the warmer months I can go maybe a month or two without all the warning lights, but as soon as the temp drops, I’m constantly greeted with warnings.

Because it’s a consistent issue in the cold, I’m taking a crack and saying the cold is messing with a connection. And looking into some similar issues, I’m guessing it’s possibly the ABS sensor? Although the shop has told me they didn’t see anything else wrong with a second inspection after the first shop. And with my busy schedule and 3 hr daily commute to work, I do not have the means to leave the car at the shop for multiple days for them to play around with it.

Has anyone else had a similar issue such as this after an accident with a tire? All help and insight is much appreciated!
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As we all know, electrical problems can be difficult to diagnose.

One simple method is to check all your grounding locations to see if anything is amiss. There are several electrical grounding locations throughout the engine bay area. IIRC, there is a grounding location near the front wheel area. If the impact you had was so significant that you had to replace the wheel bearing, then some things that should remain solidly attached may have been jostled loose. It may be that a loose major ground location is giving you your intermittent problems.

Others on this forum may have more specific locations to look at.
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