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Hi, well lets start from the beginning with a photo:

there we go.

Now, this thread will be updated with (almost) everything I do to the CRV. I'll Be doing most of the work myself so you will see step by step pics appear in here as time goes by.

over the next couple of days, I'll be tinting the back windows and having a quick oil and oil filter change so thats the first thing to be put on here shortly.

however, more distant plans are to

1, sort out the minor scratches around the CRV
2, Sort out the dents (see the one on the front wing?)
3, update front end with 2005 spec lights and bumper (oh and fog lights)
4, spray all the black trim to silver
5, install DVD player in replace of standard CD player
6, DVD screens in head rest
7, upgrade the speaker components and add a subwoofer and amp.
8, get a dog guard.....because they're cool (if you have a dog)
9, new wheels?
10, front bull bar
11, induction Kit

I think that's enough for the time being, it probably won't happen in that order, you see I'm a bit like pochahontas......I just go where the wind takes me, I never stick to lists!

I've already got a waterproof bootmat! not going to do a step by step for that as it is pretty much take it out the packaging put it in the boot!

Hope thats ok for you so far. keep coming back here for updates!

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rear fog light in gen 2

hi sir, if you got a chance can you pls post a pic of the rear fog light when lighted. cause i'm in the process of installing rear fog light in my gen 2. where is it located? tnx in advance.
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