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My compressor died on the air conditioner so I had to have it replaced.
I had Firestone do the work--it was quite involved since the compressor
is at the bottom of the engine, there was a lot of raising and lowering
on the car lift to get the job done.

Last year the air was getting hot when sitting at a red light or in a parking lot.
I took it to Honda this year and they told me the fan motor on the AC went bad.
The engine has two fans--one is for the AC--they replaced the motor.
I think that the overheating of the compressor last year due to a bad fan
lead to the death of the compressor this year. So if you're getting warmer
air at idle---have your AC Fan checked to make sure it is running.
Honda pulls off the burnt out motor and installs and new motor on the fan.

I got pretty lucky since I made the appointment and got service the same day
at the Firestone in Athens Ohio. We're having a heat wave around here.
I've had very good service at Firestone and they're around the country
so if I have a problem, I can take it to any Firestone store.

The BAD part -- $1068 for all the service---OUCH.

it is nice to have the AC working again.
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