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My "Build" Thread -2013 4WD EX-L 5AT

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I've been a member since 10-08-2016. Today is 3-21-19, and this is my 1st post. So yeah, that's a lot of lurking. :geezer:

I'm in the Washington, DC area. I've done slight, low key mods. Some people ask me time to time where I got my parts, what I did, etc., and it just happened again since I'm about to do some more, so I'd figure I'd make this "build" thread. (Build in quotes since I'm not doing anything radical - I wish!)

I picked up this Crystal Black Pearl 2013 4WD EX-L 5AT brand new. It now was 69,804 miles. Some pictures below shortly after bought it. (She was just a virgin back then!) I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but here's what I've done so far:

- 35% tint. My 1st mod! :Rockin:

- HID headlights
I noticed immediately how bad the headlights are, so I got HIDs. I dealt with them for a couple years and finally ripped them out since they do not work well - unless I am missing something. Someone hit the front end (within 3 weeks of buying it!!), so when it was at the body shop, I asked them to install the HIDs. They used resistors, error code eliminators, and everything else, so they were professionally installed. It was brand new, and there was barely any info on the DRLs, so I went through several sets in those 2-3 years. Since they were constantly on because of the DRLs, the bulbs wouldn't last long. A bulb would go off here, and then another bulb there, until one day BOTH BULBS went off at the same time! (Thank God I had HID fog lights, and those are very bright, and thank God no cop stopped me!) I just went to the best headlight bulbs recommended, and I guess it made a slight difference. :Dunno:
DDM Tuning
- HID headlights (white/4500K)
1 - DDM HID Kit, 55W, H4 High / Low, 4500K DDM HID Kit, 55W, H4 High / Low, 4500K 59.95
1 - Error Code Eliminator (PAIR) Error Code Eliminator (PAIR) 14.99
2 - 194 LED, 5 x 5050, White 194 LED, 5 x 5050, White 0.00
1 - 6 Ohm 50W LED Resistor 6 Ohm 50W LED Resistor

- HID fog lights (yellow/3000K)
DDM Tuning
Ultra HID Kit, 35W, H11, 3000K

- LED interior lights

- LED rear license plate bulbs

- Honda Accord horn
College Hills Honda
Much more manly-sounding vs. the stock meep meep. Direct swap!
Bumper Horn Upgrade (High Tone)

Grille Horn Upgrade (Low Tone)

-Front brake pads & rotors
Rock Auto
Z23 Evolution Sport Brake Upgrade Kit
Power Stop Extreme Performance Drilled and Slotted rotors
Power Stop Evolution Sport Pads w/ high temp lubricant, hardware and pin bushing kit brake pads
Cross-drilled slotted front rotors are just for looks. I found a good deal. Doesn't stop better nor worse. I think I am the only know who knows they're there. :Naughty:
Part # K5432

- Battery
Replaced because it was a cold day, and it had a hard time starting. Didn't want to risk anything so I got the best one the store offered.

- Tires
September 2018
6 years later, and they weren't bad, but it is 6 years later.
Michelin - X Tour A/S T + H All season.
There are from Costco. There were not a lot of reviews on these, but the ones that were there were quite good. My research found these are made for Costco. Outside of Costco, they are Michelin Defender T+H. Many reviews for those, and they are very good. The DC area doesn't really get too much snow, but we had more snowfall than normal this winter this year, and these worked just fine. And it just so happened that Costco was having a great sale on these!
$655.96 out the door including install!

Again, 69,804 miles so other maintenance stuff I've done were:

- Oil changes (Always with premium-grade 0W-20 detergent oil with an API Certification Seal on the container)
- Oil filters w/crush washers (15400-PLM-A02)
- Serpentine belt
- Transmission fluid drain and fill (OEM Honda fluid only)
- Brake fluid flush
- Engine air filter
- Wipers

P.S. If this doesn't belong here, move it to the appropriate place &/or let me know!

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