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This is where I've been: A 1974 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme (owned five years and drove from 45K to 165K) into a 1991 Honda Accord EX Wagon (that I owned 18 years and drove from 45K to 292K) then into a 2006 Honda CR-V (which I've owned for 1 year and 6 months and driven 22K). I loved the wagon. I'm liking the CR-V---I made some assumptions and let's just say I miss my wagon. The wagon had tighter handling--sportier I dare say. The wagon carried more. The wagon had an easier shifter. The wagon had a better front/side field of vision. The wagon didn't snap my neck when leaving lights unless I asked her to. I was getting tired of climbing out of the wagon, but now I climb into the SmallUV. Is that all? No! I have an entire list of missing innovations from Honda over the last 15 years (1991 to 2006). This may take me a few days...

My nit pick's of the 2006 CR-V:
• Cup holders that block function buttons (I'm tired of accidentally activating my A/C)*
• Shifter that blocks radio buttons
• Cup holders that are fit-specific--I need adjustability, as in bigger
• Center console cup holder that doesn't stay extended (Again, I'm tired of accidentally activating my A/C--and
to be fair, if there is a cup in this holder, the view of the blue activation light is blocked)*
• Sun visors that don't block the sun the full length of side window--I need an extender (is this why my car
has side-curtain airbags--to protect me from the inevitable t-bone when I'm sun-blinded? Or am I expected
to hold my hand up for hours? Or tape a piece of cardboard up? Hang a towel? Seriously...)
• Sun visors that release more easily--creating an accident to prevent one isn't the point--why do I have to use
both hands?
• Windshield "tinting" above/behind the rearview mirror doesn't block streetlamp glare, let alone glare from
the sun
• Super-cheap printing on steering wheel radio buttons and cruise control buttons--it lasted less than one year!
• Where's the "sport?" Kinda wishy-washy handling--body roll is too great (Yes, I miss flailing my wagon)*
• Where's the utility? Not enough anchor points/tie-downs--I don't suppose I'm not actually supposed to haul
things safely...
• Can't carry enough weight (I know it's based on a Civic...well, that explains the excessive body roll)*
• Again, where's the "sport?" Needs better acceleration for highway merging/passing
• Really hope you chucked the H1 bulbs in future cars--not sold everywhere in USA
• A dipstick that can be read in less than six hours
• A quieter engine (the Accord engine was slipper quiet when new--the K24 is a teenager in clown shoes)
• More leg room (the more upright seating position makes it much more difficult to cover the brake pedal when
using cruise control--the option to move the seat back/lower should be available for tall/leggy folks)
• A place to rest right foot away from foot controls
• More room in foot control area for snow boot-sized footwear--people do wear them--make room for them*
• A bigger rest for left foot (think road trips and cruise control)*
• Hard shell tire cover rotates (a custom-cut pool weenie helps)
• No Bluetooth or USB's the 21st century--it's not new tech.
• Headlight stalk backwards (When pushed away it's difficult to grab while keeping hand on the wheel)*
• No decimal on odometer--come on!*
• Tripmeter only goes to 999.9 miles--is a multi-thousand digital readout not possible? (My '91 had this...)*
• A radiator overflow tank that can be read without a flashlight
• No light in console cubbyhole (Black interior...)
• The "clever" windshield washer reservoir is difficult to read with orange fluid*
• Tiny windshield washer reservoir--where am I supposed to stash the half bottle I don't use? Oh, here, let me tie it to the headrest so it won't roll around while we're driving home the next 300 miles
• A transmission that doesn't give whiplash between first and's been 15 years already!!! This one isn't
much better
• Antennae placement poor and not aerodynamic--it flutters like a flag
• POORER MPG when fully loaded
• Fuel light comes on too quickly--if tank holds 15 gal. and the manual states a 1.5 gal. reserve, why is the light
coming on at 11.5 and 12.5 gallons?*
• Needs a bigger fuel tank--one or two gallons, please (Naw, just way better mpg)*
• Needs way better MPG
• Longer seat cushion--hamstring fatigue prevents me from driving longer*
• More adjustable seat (might be answer to above)*
• Change cubbyhole/drawer opening is too small and upwardly challenged--I can't grab more than a
few coins at a time (it is not possible to grab a handful)*
• What is up with the useless open cubbyhole to the left of the steering wheel? Nothing stays in that cubbyhole!*
• There should be a pull-loop to close the rear tailgate*

More later...
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